​Serenity ~AKA:: Reni


My name is Breezy! I was rescued off the feedlot. I am a yearling. The rescue believes that I am an Arab. I am sweet and I love to be brushed. At this time, I am halter broke, I stand for a ferrier and I lead. I am in need of training, feed, vet care, and a farrier. If you would like to sponsor me please click the link below..

  • A bale of Hay ~ $14 
  • ​Trim (Ferrier) ~ $40
  • Shoes (Ferrier) ~ $80-$120
  • Supplements ~ $25-$50
  • Normal Vet call ~ $85
  • Vaccinations ~ $25-50
  • Foal Milk Replacer ~ $120
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Rogue came to us back in June of 2015 after being seized by Lyon County Animal Control. She is estimated to be in her teens and is a mustang. Rogue came to us with a body score of 2 out of 10. She was malnourished and skin and bones. Now she is healthy and maintaining her weight. 

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Hi!! My name is Carmen. I am a Registered Arab and am estimated to be about 25-30 years old. I have very little teeth in my mouth but that doesn't stop me from eating my grain. I am fed soft hay cubes that are soaked along with Equine Senior. I am putting on weight and getting stronger by the day. I am affectionate and love to be brushed. 

I am in need of supplements for my joints, equine senior and I am in need of farrier work. If you would like to sponsor me please click the link below and I will be forever grateful.


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My name is Serenity. I was born May 10th, 2016 here at LBL five days after they brought my Mom (Hope) to the rescue. I am learning manners right now. I am also learning what a halter is although none of them fit me because I am small. I love to run and get loved on. Sometimes I misbehave because I don't know any better. I love giving kisses.

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HI! My name is Tina! I am a two year old mustang. I absolutely love attention and I love my face to be scratched. I may be tiny but I am very athletic and love to work. LBL says I am a fast learner and ready to please.

I am in need to farrier care, feed, and more training.

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Morpheus is about 5 years old. He is a mustang gelding. Morpheus stands at approximately 13.2 hands. He is small but is built like a tank. Morpheus came in with Tina and Geronimo.  He is very sweet and loves to play. Morpheus is currently needing hay, farrier care and training.

If you'd like to sponsor Morpheus please click the link below. 

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Hi, my name is Rico. I was rescued at auction. LBL believes I am a Quarter-cross. I stand approx. 16.3 hh. My age is approx. 8yrs old. I am learning how to trust humans again but once I warm up I am very sweet, I'm halter broke,I lead very well, I jump right into a trailer, and I stand for the humans. 

If you would like to sponsor me, please click the button below as I am in need of vet services and a farrier. At this time I need special shoes, as I am healing from a cracked hoof

Hello!! My name is Cali! I am about 15 years young and I'm a registered mustang who came off the Nevada range. I am very affectionate! I love to be pampered and run around the round pen. I'm the horse that is waiting by the gate for you to come hang out with me. I am in need to feed, farrier care, and training.

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My name is Faith and I am estimated to be about 7 years old. I was rescued at auction.  I am a quarter horse and I am green-broke. I am a sweetheart and loves my face to be scratched. 

I am in need of farrier services, vet care, feed, and supplements.




My name is Reggie! I was born on April 7th, 2015 at LBL Equine Rescue by Summer. I am growing fast each and every day! I am learning how to be haltered up and led around. Due to my size the rescue believes I will be a big boy. I am starting to shed out my baby fuzz and turn into a dapple grey like my Mom.  I love to show off how fast I am by running around my field, bucking and kicking up the dust.

I am in need of hay as I eat more with each growth spurt,

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